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October 2001

Oh God, I bring to you all of those who surround me
And I pray from the marrow of my spirit
From a place of compassion,
Of empathy even
As I see even myself fail to place the path of my own life
Entirely in the hand of the one who truly knows
What is best.

I pray dear God for each one of us
The new Christian and the seasoned
The ones with no foundation to the ones with a full frame--
For every one of your precious children
As you reveal to me a necessity
One at first I knew not of
And for a time was never led to understand
Followed by denial of its importance
As the enemy used its very absence
To make it seem unbearable in boredom and discomfort.

Oh Loving Lord I pray
With faith in it's awesome power
For the revelation--
Not just the knowledge, but the revelation--
Of this auxiliary action
This life changing choice
Of intercession.

Oh God I ask that in each one of us it be instilled
A heart for lifting to you those in conscious or oblivious need
For requesting that your hands be upon all things
For interceeding in all areas of life
With realization of our choice
To actively submit our desires
To a God who has greater things
And who has a tear of gratitude and pride
Each time we give something in prayer and thanksgiving
With belief in the blessings that will overflow
In the lives of the receivers of prayer
As well as the generous souls who
In faith took time to put the needs of others
Before themselves
With trust in your perfect plan
That becomes perfected
Only when we remove our own motives and intentions
To concentrate on another.

Dear God
I simply intercede
For a heart of intercession
In all of those who surround me.

Lindy Michelle

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