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Pocket of Love

November 1998

I had written this poem after going through the church's procedure for being saved, yet when I was full to the brim with doubt. Shortly after, I experienced real prayer and his existance.

Every night when I climb into bed
And I am warm and content and comfy
I pray quietly to the Lord above
That He helps me spread the Love that is in me

I pray that He gives me the strength
To ignore those who try to give me pain
And to retaliate with a kind word
To those insisting on doing it again

I pray that a smile will remember to occur
During every single occasion appropriate
And a laugh will brightly escape my lungs
Whenever there is any room for it

I pray that when the sky is gray
And when my heart is suffering in sorrow
That Love will come and heal my wounds
And help me make it to tomorrow

I pray that I will succeed greatly
In giving Love to those I hold dear
And when all seems to be a fight
This Love will never disappear

I pray that I will never cease
To be open minded, to forgive and forget
And all of those who cross my path
Will desire to keep the Love they just met

And when the day has come to an end
And I thank the Lord above
My wealth will still have more to give
From my bottomless pocket of Love

boquet of hearts

Microsoft Paint

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other...

1 Thessalonians 3:12

Lindy Michelle

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