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May 2001

I encountered Him and I was drawn
To His strong love
And all I had to do was have faith
But I was so skeptical
That something so supernatural
Could in fact exist
But He had me encounter Him repeatedly
And when the time came that I honestly believed
I experienced such great love

I saw that He had His Minister teaching
On so many things about Him
And all I had to do was attend church
And listen
But I found it quite doubtful
That a man could speak to a group and always
Be so trustworthy in his words
But he kept speaking such edifying sermons
And when I finally trusted his knowledge
I realized the power of the spirit
Over His servants' work

I saw people joyfully sing
Meaningful songs of all kinds
And all I had to do was worship
With my whole heart
But I was so self conscious
That not everyone would think
That it is the acceptable thing to do
But the music kept summoning me
And when I finally focused on Him
I appreciated His presence so much more

I saw that he had extensive advice
To assist us in every area
And all I had to do was merely read his Book
But I was so worried
That I would find everything I do
Is unacceptable
But the word continued to exist
And when I finally read the Bible
I discovered answers to all my questions

I saw that people put credence
In the power of prayer
And all I had to do was simply talk to Him
But all I did was remain powerlessly still
Thinking that he would not really listen
And would never answer
But He stood beside me and expectantly waited
And when I finally prayed
I saw miracles upon miracles that changed my walk

I saw that he had people in his kingdom
That were there for me
And all I had to do was permit them to be in my life
But all I did was hide my true self
From becoming vulnerable and being tested
But they forgivingly continued to be there
And when I finally opened myself
To my fellow believers
My life substantially grew

I saw people devote their whole lives to Him
And all He had for them
And all I had to do was make the decision
To gratefully obey
But all I continued to do was think
About what I would miss,
About what mistakes I could make,
About what society wants
But He planted seed after seed and helped them grow
And when I finally declared that He may use me
I found such great purpose and satisfaction

I see that I have ahead of me a path
In which I can make no predictions
And that all I have to do is put my faith in the Lord
But there is so much to change
In my mind and my heart and my spirit
And each day I stumble one step closer,
Or I leap one step closer
To meeting Jesus face to face
And being satisfied
With what we had done together.

I lavish my love on those who love me and obey my commands

Exodus 20:6

Lindy Michelle

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